Cuenca/Lauro results from the artistic collaboration between César Augusto Cuenca Torres and Elisabetta Lauro, dancers currently resident in Berlin. They met in Germany in 2001, at the Folkwang University of Essen and their human and artistic understanding was immediately evident during rehearsals of “Eng” by Malou Airaudo, the first of a long series of shared experiences. Their path has been marked by two fundamental encounters; the first with Wu Kuo-Chu, a taiwanese choreographer of genius and sensibility, with whom they lived the radical urgency at the origin of every honest creative act; the second with the essential and unescapable dance of Pina Bausch's “Le Sacre du Printemps”. 

This was followed by a period of intense research and theatrical production with Johannes Wieland, a many-faceted artist, with whom they had the chance to challenge themselves in many ways, widening the horizons of their imagination. As the result of the diverse experiences accumulated during their years with the state theatre, they felt the need to free themselves from already defined situations and to fully immerse themselves in their own exigent vision, accepting the risks and responsibilities of their artistic choices.


Since 2011 they work as independent artists, investing their resources in the realisation of their own creations. They consider art above all as an instrument of knowledge, a special lens through which we observe ourselves and the surrounding, in order to reach a dimension where rational borders and definitions dissolve, and micro and macro coincide.


They love sharing what emerges from silence and solitude, they believe that theatre still offers an alternative, they avoid the key words, and for them innovation and originality are not necessarily an objective. What really matters has no form, no name and no time.