Gennaro Lauro has a degree in Philosophy and Oriental Languages. He approached dancetheatre in 2011, collaborating with Giorgio Rossi and Ivan Truol on different projects. He worked with Felicité Mbezele and Sunkyung Cho, and founded the theatre research group Caravan. In 2013 he took part in “Studio sulla Felicità” by Giorgio Rossi and in the same year he participated in “Unsettled Stones” by Zhao Chuan (Grass stage Theatre- Shangai) and in the art video project “Passo a due” by Mariana Ferratto. In 2014, alongside the collaboration with Sosta Palmizi, of which he is an associated artist, he started working with Compagnia Atacama. He has played small roles in movies of Nanni Moretti and Liliana Cavani and has worked as a translator for several publishing companies ; Adelphi and Fazi among others. Since 2012 he has collaborated with the Cuenca/Lauro dance company assisting in the stage direction and the dramaturgy of their creations.

Roberto Di Camillo began his theatrical formation first with the Teatroduemondi of Faenza and later with the actress and singer Daniela Piccari, the Teatro Nucleo of Ferrara and the Abbondanza-Bertoni dance company. He obtained his degree at the Folkwang University of Arts and worked at the Staatstheater Kassel dance company, directed first by Wu Kuo-Chu, of whom he was also assistant, and after by Johannes Wieland. He worked as a rehearsal director for the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and danced among others for Juan Cruz Diaz Garaio de Esnaola and Vivienne Newport. He participated in different productions by Malou Airaudo and collaborated with Daniela Piccari as a co-director, choreographer and teacher. He has taught the post university course “Teatri in Corso”, was a Dance Theatre teacher for the biennial Master in Performing Arts of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna and has led several workshops. He has collaborated with Cuenca/Lauro since 2011 and is currently working on a new creation, in collaboration with Elisabetta Lauro e Daniela Piccari.

Daniela Piccari has studied singing since she was a child and after obtaining her degree in Literature, she moved to Denmark to take part in the theatre group “Farfa” which was founded by Iben Nagel Rasmussen, and was part of the “Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium” directed by Eugenio Barba (Odin Teatret). Afterwards she founded and directed, in collaboration with the actress Tove Bornhøft, the Danish company Teater Rio Rose. She moved back to Italy and started her collaboration with Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri which still continues with international tours. She is interested in music and poetry and works with different composers; Andrea Alessi, Marco Biscarini,Thomas Clausen, Sandro Nidi, Dimitri Sillato, Luciano Titi, Simone Zanchini and Valentino Corvino among others. Taking occasion from research on dialect she sings the poems of Pedretti, Baldini, Guerra and has collaborated in the formation of the music group “ Voci”. She is involved in experimental theatre with a number of actors, dancers, musicians and authors who recognize the value of the “fusion” of artistic languages.

Gaetano Corriere first approached dance theatre with the Menhir dance company of Bari where he worked initially as light technician and then as the company’s technical director. His formation is based on the different working experiences he has accumulated over the years, easily changing his role, and has been extended and deepened through specialization courses in Lights and Audio. In the same period he founded the Association Metaphonia, for the formation and development of technical competencies in live performance. In 2012 he worked alongside the technical director Paolo Betta on the production “Grande Adagio popolare” by Virgilio Sieni. From 2012 until 2014 he worked as a light designer and technical director for the Vitruvians company of Bari, with whom he realized the musical “ Midnight in Chicago”, “Maria Antonietta”, the dance and music performance “ Life 95” and “The Great Gatsby”. He also curates Since 2012 he has been responsible for the technical direction of the “Anteprima festival Jazz Talos” in Ruvo di Puglia, also covering the role of audio technician In 2014 he worked on the Menhir company’s productions of “Vangelo di Pasolini” and “Biosculture e Ulivi”. Since 2013 he has collaborated with Cuenca/Lauro as light and audio technician for the works “Hay un no sé qué no sé donde” and “(zero) work in progress”