Hay un no sé que no sé donde-short format  

a dance work by Cuenca/ Lauro


The earth spins, time passes, one thing follows another, and we, essential parts of this great motion, go along with it all, often from mere inertia. Sometimes, however, someone stops, because they can’t or don’t want to go on. Then everything passes to the other side and what is left is emptiness. This is the moment of choice and this is where Hay un no sé que no sé donde begins. The journey of two human beings who, linked and led by an overwhelming sense of loss, choose to abandon certainty for uncertainty with the will to discover and be discovered. The first step, unstable and unsure, gains courage, grows and is transformed. The fragility of the body becomes action that howls, silence becomes a question. Aggressive, repetitive, exhausting. The path of consciousness is uneasy and tiring but it is the only possible answer to the natural human need to stand on one’s own feet. Once we have gone beyond the darkness in the eyes of the unknowing, when we begin to see things in a different light, we reach the conclusion that maybe sometimes it is necessary to lose oneself in order to really find oneself.


Concept/ Choreography/ Dance: Elisabetta Lauro and César Augusto Cuenca Torres

Music: Fennesz, Santaolalla, Keating, Bark Cat Bark  Supported by Invito alla Danza/Barletta 

Length: 20'